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Halton Alarm Response & Protection Ltd.

A security system is only as effective as the associated response. HARP Security does not simply provide a security system, but rather, a security “program”, intended to encompass all aspects of property and asset protection. Our success is centered on our expertise to provide a timely and verified response with highly trained and dedicated personnel.


Founder and President, Cam Roberts, has been in the police, private investigations, and security field since 1976. In 1985 he started installing security systems to residences and small businesses in the Halton and surrounding Regions. Due to Peel Regional Police introducing the False Alarm Suspension program to the industry in 1993, Mr. Roberts recognized the need for better service, and opened up one of the first alarm response companies in Ontario. 

Since 1994, HARP Security has become the Region’s recognized leader in security, with numerous arrests made during attempted thefts, and thousands of dollars saved through fraud investigations. In this time, we have learned a great deal about the operations and the security requirements of our customers. We have built a strong relationship with Halton Regional Police Services, and its officers on the street, which has grown to be one of trust and recognition.


Most alarm companies do not take the extra steps to ensure that issues are resolved. In most cases, due to potential liability, or lack of available personnel, alarm companies will select to contact a responsible party, relieving themselves of further responsibility. HARP is proud of the trust that our clients have put in us to act as their representative with Police, Fire, and other contractors.


HARP Security has always considered the services to our clientele to be symbolic of “true security”, and not just a pretense of performance. When extra steps are required to ensure the continued protection of a premises, we have taken on the responsibility to ensure execution. 


This philosophy is apparent in the motivation shown by our personnel who have come to learn the individual characteristics of each client. Knowledge of alarm devices, and peculiarities associated with each location, allows HARP to provide a more “personal” service; a level of service which is becoming extinct amongst larger corporate service providers. A call to the HARP Security 24 hour communication centre, is answered by a live, CSAA certified operator, who will respond to your needs.


"HARP security has been a valued business partner of Agility Recovery for many years now. They have through their staff and company culture developed a business relationship that at its core spawns trust, confidence and excellence in customer service.  If you are dealing with their communications centre, IT or admin staff and technicians alike you will be met with professionalism wrapped in a solid focus on customer service with a much appreciated dose of plain old friendliness by people who really like what they are doing.


There is an expression in the military that says 'I have your back'; this is how I would describe HARP. They have Agility covered. Do they have you covered?"

"Pieter Vos - Agility Recovery"

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