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Camera / CCTV Systems

Selecting the most appropriate hardware is step one of the process. It is just as important to strategically assess the most vulnerable areas that require the most supervision and accuracy to capture the moment when needed.

We work with the industry leading camera/CCTV system providers, and deliver the most comprehensive video solutions, which are best suited for your property.




Alarm Systems

HARP Security uses DSC Security Products exclusively in the
protection of our client's business. We know that the best protection, and best reliability comes from selecting the best products on the market.

Each system we install is designed to fit the need and lifestyle of your premises, and programmed to give you the best protection available.

When combined with our 24/7 security monitoring service and alarm response, you could not be better protected. You can rely on HARP Security to provide the best care, because our business is looking after yours.

Intercom Systems

Intercom systems help solve a lot of issues when it comes to safety, security, productivity, and visitor management. What if remote supervision was as easy as a press of a button? 


In that moment, you can view, listen to audio, and have full control of property access from anywhere at any time. 

From many styles and business solution needs, we have you back


Access Control Systems

Access Control is not just about keeping intruders out, but it's also about knowing who's in.


Giving out keys to all of your employees can be difficult to maintain. It's also expensive when a lost key results in replacing all of your locks. An access control system can solve these issues, and more.

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