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Fire, Sprinkler and ULC monitor/test: Services

Alarm Monitoring

Our staff are always working to ensure the security of your facility. 


- Building automation, 

- Emergency systems
- Access Control
- Motion and Video


Our monitoring center is fully equipped with some of the latest technology in the industry. An in-house proprietary system allows us to have an alarm report in your email within moments of leaving your premise. 


Access Control Hosting

Who was in the office on the weekend? With key access, there's no record of entry. An access control system logs each use of a key card, so there is a record of who came in, and when.

Our managed access system reports continuously to a secure off-site server so that we can add and delete cards immediately as you may require.

ULC Fire Monitoring 

Alarm monitoring plays a crucial role in a comprehensive fire protection system. When an alarm is triggered in your building, fire monitoring ensures that the signal is quickly assessed to verify that it's not a false alarm and then transmitted to first responders within moments

The ULC Certificate is the only proof that the entire fire alarm monitoring system is compliant by a ULC Listed Company. Each site is issued a certificate is subject to a random audit. Yearly based on activity. HARP Security offers annual and bi-monthly certifications to ensure your system is fully functional is up to all mandatory requirements.


Elevator Phone Monitoring

During an elevator emergency, being stuck with very limited communication is extremely unpleasant.
H.A.R.P Security Monitoring station is the ideal solution to such incidents. A dedicated elevator phone monitoring service will provide the right contact when you need help.

Our 24/7 monitoring works with elevator alarms, just the same way as we do with any alarm. There for you, prompt response time, when you need someone most.

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