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Commercial Services

For over 25 years, Halton Alarm Response and Protection Ltd. (HARP Security) has been protecting commercial businesses, with alarms, video systems, and access control. When an alarm is triggered, we respond, so you don't have to. Only when a burglary has been verified, we might have to wake you up. Otherwise, you can sleep soundly knowing that your assets are looked after.
You and your employees are good at what you do, but you aren't trained to deal with intruders. Why walk in to a potentially dangerous situation in the middle of the night? Alarm response, and routine property checks are our expertise. Our security team are trained to deal with these circumstances.  

Did the last person to leave forget to turn on the alarm? Don't worry. We can set up a customized schedule to tell us when there is a "Fail-to-Arm", and we'll send our response personnel over to arm the system for you. No need to get out of bed.

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