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Elevator Monitoring: Services
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Mobile Alarm Response

We understand that you cant be there at all times but we will be there for you. Our high visibility, and fully equipped Mobile Response Units are dispatched upon any alarm.
We can carefully investigate, inspect the property inside out and report back with any findings. Giving you the peace of mind you deserve 

Property Check/Fire Watch

In the event that any fire alarm systems or sprinkler systems are off-line, a Fire Watch is set in place.
An immediate implementation of fire watch personnel is required. The Ontario Fire Code requires that buildings which are equipped with fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems are to be fully operational at all times.
In an event of where these systems are offline for any reason, a responsible HARP security officer actively looks for evidence of smoke, fire, listens for in-room smoke detectors, and assures the integrity of the facility.

We take it a step further...

During a property check, a Mobile Patrol Vehicle arrives at your business once during the day and once at night. Conversely enhancing the protection and safety of your assets. We have many years of experience in alarm response, with skills to prove it. 


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Does your property need some extra supervision? HARP deals with the issue so you don't have to. We handle all Parking By-Laws and concerns 

Get in touch, and our licensed officers will handle the issue.

Personnel Escort

Working late? Last one to leave? Perhaps a little apprehensive about walking to your car alone in the dark? HARP Security can provide on-call, or scheduled security escorts to ensure that you and your staff feel safe in an uncertain environment.

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Private Investigations

A full security service wouldn't be complete without an investigation service. Investigators who licensed, with decades of expertise, can try to solve your problems, monitor and gather evidence.


Our investigators perform follow-ups and theft investigations with our clientele on a regular basis. Gathering detailed evidence to help close the case.

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