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Alarm Monitoring

Residential alarm systems are monitored via GSM LTE (cell) communications. integration and access to a mobile application, which provides access to plenty of options. Such as making additions, view settings, arming, disarming and so much more.

From small stand-alone camera systems to integrated network security and alarm systems capable of protecting high risk facilities, HARP Security will work with you to custom design a system suited to your needs.  

Alarm System: Services

Off-site Video Monitoring

HARP Security home video monitoring service is based on a connection from the home camera system to our monitoring center via internet . In the event of an alarm HARP operators will have the ability to check the camera live, recorded images and determine best course of action remotely.

You will also have the option of utilizing a mobile application and browser access to the cameras. Thus, enabling you to have full visual interaction with the system live or recorded. 


We won’t leave you in the dark, we conduct regular system health checks to confirm system is operational and ready when in need.

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