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Mobile Alarm Response

In the event of an alarm the monitoring station will dispatch the closest HARP response unit to attend the home. A complete exterior patrol of the home will be completed and verify a cause if possible or escalate to police involvement if necessary

Alarm Response: Services

Vacation Watch / Property Check

Away on vacation? Did you know that most home owner’s insurance requires that someone enters your home once every 48 hours? If your furnace breaks down, or a water pipe bursts, you may not be covered.

Did you know that - based on the most recent statistics, it has been noted that the highest occurrence of break-ins had occurred between the hours of 09:30am to 16:30pm and 23:00pm to 04:30am.

Our bonded security team can perform regular property checks to ensure that your home is warm and dry when you return.


Private Investigations

Prioritizing what matters most. H.A.R.P Security Private Investigators learn the case inside out and focus on collecting vital information.


We work with a vast variety of cases some of which are: Surveillance investigations, Family Law, Child Custody, Infidelity, Missing Persons and many more. We work day in and day out, with high vigilance to get the evidence you seek.

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