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Alarm Systems

HARP Security uses DSC and Qolsys Security Products exclusively in the protection of our client's home. We know that the best protection, and best reliability comes from selecting the best products on the market.


Each system we install is designed to fit the need and lifestyle of your premises, and programmed to give you the best protection available.


Camera / CCTV Systems

Your home supervised, even when you are not there. Its almost like having a sixth sense. First, we assess and review all vulnerable points of potential break ins, as well as other unwelcome mishaps.


We then proceed with selecting the right cameras to do the job. There are many cameras options to chose from. One or many, basic or fully custom.


Your residential camera system is capable of viewing its's surroundings, recognize motion and notify you when something is not right. Its that easy!

Video Doorbell Systems

Front line defence systems are a major part of a secure home. They deter unwelcome visitors, prevent theft, work as a recognition device, most importantly they offer a peace of mind even when you are not around or cannot make it to the door in time.

The beauty of having one, is it enables an array of features which simplify your life twofold.

Wide viewing angles, night vision two-way communication, motion triggers, and live video are just some of the capabilities it may offer.  You will never doubt your senses.

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